Circle G Ranch Gypsy Vanner Dreams

Gypsy Vanner Mare Bakalo - 2002

Very pregnant Bakalo

In 2003, we imported our first yearling filly, we named Bakalo. When she arrived from England, we were delighted with her sweet personality and chunky body. At the time she was our only horse and she amazed us with her inquisitive nature and desire for attention. Everyone had told us of the sweet, easy going nature of the Gypsy Vanner. It was not until her arrival that we truly understood the meaning of this statement. Bakalo descends from Coal Horse/Old Black Horse breeding on her dams side and Kent Horse/Shogun Horse breeding on her sire's side. She was sired by the late, His Majesty and her dam was a daughter of The Old Black Horse.

Very pregnant Bakalo

The pictures above and to the left were taken in May 2007, Bakalo is very pregnant. Looking very wide but very pretty. It was just a short few weeks later on Memorial Day, she foaled a beautiful black and white filly. We are still trying to find the perfect name for her filly, check the Vanners For Sale Page to see her pictures!

Bakalo and Jade

When the grandkids get to visit they love to ride. Bakalo is willing and she knows that she gets lots of treats and love from the kids! She is sweet and gentle and not much bothers her most of the time. This is Jade taking a ride on Bakalo last year (2006). Tango was just around the corner playing with Roman.

Bakalo in Cart

This picture was taken in 2004 when Bakalo was learning to drive. She loved pulling the cart and would trot all over the place at home. Since she has been used in our breeding program she has not had the opportunity lately to drive. We plan to give her a break from Motherhood soon and get her back in the cart.