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Fantasia and Call Me Sir

Fantasia was our 2nd import, her barn name is Fancy (her import name was "Folly"). She has the traditional heavy build of the Gypsy Vanner, short back and masses of thick beautiful feather. Fantasia is about 15 hands, equally colored black/white and built like a block. She descends from Sonny May horse breeding on her sire's side and The Old Pride Horse on her dam's side. She was a Fred Walker mare sired by the Sham Horse and her dam is Fred Walker's Licker Mare.

Fancy is a treasure to own, very sweet and tolerant of the youngsters and she has been very polite in dealing with Call Me Sir, when he was younger and running with the mares.

Sir will become her pasture mate for the 2007 breeding season, we are hoping to get her settled as nature intended without any intervention from us. A foal from this combination should be a very colorful, heavy and hairy baby! We hope you enjoy the photo's of Fantasia.

Trotting this way

These photo's were taken at the U of A breed demo 2006, Fantasia being worked in the arena. Keep in mind Fancy has only ever been used as a brood mare and does not care too much about work!

And trotting that way

We have had difficulty getting Fancy pregnant by AI and unfortunately have not spent time breaking her to ride. We have ridden her around the fields and such, but she is not what you would call broke to ride. Fred Wohel was conducting a clinic at the U of A Rare Breed Demonstration, he really enjoyed working with Fantasia

Enough trotting already!

Fancy was happy to try out most anything, at least once, before she started looking around like she wanted someone to rescue her! She doesn't like to expend all her energy without eating something.

You want me to do what?

I could just see her thinking, "I don't know about this bending thing, I'm a BIG girl you know."

What, bend again?

We have had Fancy out on a few occasions and she always is calm and easy going. Noise, lights, excitement, nothing seems to rattle her.

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