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Gypsy Vanner Mare Fantasia

Fantasia and Gabriel

This photo was taken in 2006, in the hottest part of the summer. Gabriel was making friends with Fancy and did not seem to care that Fancy was so dirty!

Fancy at The Horse Festival in Fayetteville

The following photo's were taken at the U of A Breed Demo 2006, Fancy was outside of the arena taking a break and checking out all the activity.

Fancy in Fred Wahls seminar

Fancy was used in Fred Wahl's seminar at the Breed Demo. He was going to saddle her up to ride her as she had not been used for riding, but could not find a saddle to fit her. After working with her for a short while, he just jumped aboard and began answering questions from the audience!

Audience asking questions about Fantasia

After Fred's clinic was over, many people stopped and wanted to ask questions about the beautiful Gypsy Vanner. It is such a pleasure to see the reaction from people who have never seen a Vanner before. Fancy is always so patient and kind and will tolerate everyone wanting to pet and love on her.

Fancy taking advantage of the tall grass in Fayetteville

I get a lot of pictures of Fancy doing this, she loves to eat. Of course, she is a big girl and has to keep up her strength!

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