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Challenges and Care of Feather.

Having a heavily feathered horse has it's own set of grooming challenges. Proper care of feather has to be maintained or serious complications may occur without the owners being aware. Even with care and attention, feathered horses can develop problems from the very thing we have grown to love so much on our horses and that is an abundance of feather. The links below have great information regarding feather and potential problems. Also, be sure to read the links regarding Pastern Dermatitis and Chronic Progressive Lymphedema. The link to Preventing Scratches is the most informative article I have ever read regarding the application of oil/sulphur. The article provides precise information regarding the application of oil and sulphur on the feather, including photo's of each step of the application process. Very interesting and very well done.

Pastern Dermatitis

UC Davis Research of Pastern Dermatitis

UC Davis Chronic Progressive Lymphodema

Preventing Scratches Using Oil & Sulphur

Draft Horse Information At the bottom of this page you will find links to some articles regarding supplements. MSM is one that is a sulphur compound that I found to be interesting reading. They are printed from suppliers of the product though and not research information from educational institutions