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  CGR Latcho's Lucky Tango 

CGR Latcho's Lucky Tango - 2006 Stallion - GVHS Reg #GV00612F1
USA Bred
Date of Birth: April 24, 2006
Color: Piebald
Sire: Latcho Drom - GVHS Reg #GV00049F
Dam: Bakalo - GVHS Reg #GV00087F
Tango Is Being Offerd For Sale: $15,000

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Tango at 3 years old.

Tango 3 years old.

Tango is 3 years old in this picture. He has spent the summer running with Little Red and Tango. We just gave him a bath and grooming.

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Tango at 1 year old.

Tango 1 year old

Tango at one year old, running with Red in close pursuit. He is really bulking up now and filling out his frame. Still a very sweet stallion.

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Tango About 6 months old.

Tango at 6 months old

Tango at 6 months old, growing into a stunning stallion. He gets along well with all his pasture mates and really enjoys playing in the fall when the temperatures cool.

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Tango between 2-4 months old.

Roxie say's I am NOT SLEEPY!

Tango was about 2-4 months old in this picture, standing very nicely in the hot part of the summer. His color is a bit sunbleached by summers end.

Tango about 1 month old.

Tango at 4 weeks old

Tango was the first foal born after we adopted Roman. Roman was very excited to meet our newest family member and could not wait to make friends. Tango and Roman each had a great deal of curiosity, trying to figure out each other.

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Watch Tangos Video at this link Vanner Videos!