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CGR Latcho's Lucky Tango

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Tango's First Month

CGR Latcho's Lucky Tango is our 2006 colt, foaled by Bakalo. His sire Latcho Drom, has been one of my favorite stallions for some time. I was very excited awaiting our Latcho/Bakalo foal. Tango has a traditional build, beautifully crested neck, short back and heavy bone. He carries himself with such pride. As our other horses, he is very inquisitive and loves attention.

Tango just 10 hours old.

It has been such a treat to watch this beautiful colt as he unfolds in his first month. This first picture was taken at about 10 hours old and he was not even fully unfolded yet.

Tango 6 days old.

At 6 days old, Tango had filled out a bit and was learning how to put his spindly legs to use! He is all boy and loves to play and investigate his surroundings.

Tango about 3 weeks old

Tango before getting body clipped

I really liked this picture of Tango, such a sweet compact body on this boy. I was trying to sneak up on him to get a few pictures before he knew I was there, but as usual, he caught me.

Tango 3 weeks old.

Tango with Bakalo, standing as King of his domain! Tango is 3 weeks old here; he stands with that beautiful arched neck often,looking like true royalty.

Tango Right Side, 3 weeks old.

Tango was born April 24, 2006, on our 7th wedding anniversary. His dam's name, Bakalo, means, Lucky Charm. In the following photo's, Tango is 3 weeks old. With the hot and humid summers in Arkansas, we must body clip the babies to help them stay cool. It is not the best of clip jobs, so please excuse the uneven appearance of Tango's coat!

Tango Left Side, with dam, Bakalo. 3 weeks old Tango was imprinted at birth and is handled daily. He is a sweet natured colt who is very inquisitive in nature and likes to be in the middle of whatever is going on. He loves to be petted and loved on. He also enjoys grooming and in the hot summer time looks forward to his baths.

Tango looks like he will have the soft silky mane, tail and feather like his dam, Bakalo!

Tango Left Side, with dam, Bakalo. 3 weeks old. Tango is Bakalo's first foal. We selected Latcho Drom for his very traditional thick heavy build and beautiful conformation. We also admired his coloring and abundant feather and mane. This combination has proven very successful. Tango has stunning conformation, with a beautiful cresty neck, short back and tidy head. His color is about 50/50, his mane and feather are coming in beautifully for a colt of his age. Be watching for more pictures of Tango as he matures.

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Watch Tangos Video at this link Vanner Videos!