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CGR Latcho's Lucky Tango-2006 Colt

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Tango 5-8 Months Old.

Tango 5 months old.

At 5 months old, Tango seemed to be starting a growth spurt! He was gaining height and weight so quickly. This was in early September on one of his daily run around the field.

Tango 5 months old, with Susan.

Tango at 5 months old; my sister-in-law Susan was talking to him and he was giving her his undivided attention. Surely she was talking about food! He was pretty dirty as he had been rolling in the dirt and just being a boy.

Tango at 7 months old, with Little Red.

It is November in this picture and Tango wants Little Red to play with him. Tango at 7 months old and Little Red at 6 months old.

Tango at 8 months old.

In early December, Tango has the winter woolies going on and still, you can see that he is getting very thick and almost as tall as his dam at this point. Tango is 8 months old Dec 24th.

Tango 8 months, Red 7 months.

Tango and his friend Little Red at play. Tango is 8 months old and Little Red is 7 months old. This is their favorite pastime, well, next to eating of course.

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Watch Tangos Video at this link Vanner Videos!