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Gypsy Vanner Mare Princess Nala - 2000

Beautiful Princess Nala

Most recently we purchased a 2000 Lenny's Horse mare, named Princess Nala, with her 2006 Royal colt. Nala is about 14 or 14' 1 hands tall, thick bone and a gorgeous tidy head. She is extremely heavy in hair. We can't wait to see her foals.

Beautiful Princess Nala

This is Princess Nala out in the pasture, she is bit dirty but pretty even so. She is the smallest of our mares (in height) but she is the dominant mare of the herd and she does not let any one forget it!

Princess Nala in the Fall

This is a picture of Nala that I took end of the 2006 summer or early fall. She was so pretty looking through her forelock at me. Be watching for more pictures of Nala! She is one of my favorite horses to photograph.