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Roxie - 2007 Filly - 6 Months Old

Roxie at 6 months old

Roxie is turning 6 months old this month! She is developing very nicely, with a thick build, lots of mane, tail and feather and she has an outstanding attitude. She likes to be handled as she expects to be in the middle of things.

Roxie at 6 months old

She can be seen regularly, running around flagging her tail, demanding that she be the center of attention. On a few occasions, she has jumped over part of her wire fence when we removed some of her pasture mates. Not necessarily her mother, but anyone she thinks is hers to look out for. What a girl!

Roxie at 6 months old

Coming or going, she wants to be seen. Her little nicker is the first thing we hear in the mornings when we go out to feed or just come out of the house towards the barn. She is the first to greet us!

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