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CGR Roxie has been SOLD  

Roxie - 2007 Filly - Sleepy Filly!

Roxie at 6 weeks, laying down and nibbling grass.

Typical kid, Roxie does not want to lay down and sleep, she may just miss something. So she lays down and begins to nibble the grass with some very heavy eyes!

Roxie at 6 weeks and sleep nibbling.

Let me just rest my eyes a little bit, while I lay here and nibble the grass.

Roxie at 6 weeks and trying not to sleep.

What? I am not sleeping... Can't you see I am laying here and nibbling the grass? (I was almost convinced until)....

Roxie at 6 weeks

I can almost hear her thinking, It's been a long morning, I think I will just lay back right here and nibble the grass some more.

Roxie at 6 weeks, sleeping like an angle!

And finally, the angel sleeps... Sweet Dreams, punkin.

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