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Gypsy Vanner Horses in Arkansas!

Gypsy Vanner Mare Bakalo, one year old, standing in Point Remove Creek In the gently rolling hills of North Central Arkansas, dreams born of Romany Gypsies, emerge quietly from the woodlands.

While this sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, it is actually the beginning of a unique breed of horse, recently imported into the United States and being established as the Gypsy Vanner Horse!

The Gypsy Vanner Horse is powerfully built, much like a Shire, though shorter in height, with an abundance of mane, tail and feather. Their kind and gentle nature is legendary and their beauty is something dreams are truly made of. Browse our site to learn about their discovery and their eventual journey to the United States.

About our Gypsy Vanners!

We have selected our foundation mares and stallion based on conformation, disposition and bloodlines that have proven to reproduce the exceptional qualities that make the Gypsy Vanner Horse such a magical breed. The Shogun Horse, The Coal Horse, Bob The Blagdon, The Old Horse of Wales, and The Sonny May Horse are all foundation horses and original bloodlines from England. Also, we have attempted to import/purchase, a few high quality bloodlines that are not quite as well represented in the United States, to keep some diversity in our breeding program. Our horses display loud color, abundant feather and sweet willing personalities that the Gypsy Vanner is known for.

What's New At The Circle G Ranch!

Little Red 18 months old

Our lovely 2006 colt Little Red, out of our mare Nala and sired by Royal has been retained, so he is no longer for sale. We will be offering him to a few select mares for breeding in 2010. He has an awesome temperment, balanced body, pretty movement and wonderfullly thick pretty feather. Little Red is a Lenny's Horse grandson and is 3 years old now in 2009. We have his color DNA resutlts and he is homozygous for red! We are so excited to see his first crop of foals. Check out this latest photo we took of Little Red after a bath.

Royals Red Son Rising at 3 years old.

Check out the latest photo of Latcho's Lucky Tango.

Tango at 3 years old.

Our beautiful Latcho Drom stallion is really filling out and growing up. He is going to be a BIG BOY. He is 3 years old, very easy to handle, nice joints and balance to his body. We will be getting more new pictures of him posted soon. For now, hope you will enjoy this one.

Nala's 2008 Colt, Shaolin, 3 days old

On April 2, 2008 at 3:30 a.m., Princess Nala foaled a beautiful colt for us! Now it is August 2009, and Shaolin is turning into such a beautiful boy. He is marked much like his sire "Call Me Sir," has a lush mane and tail and walks with a mass of beautiful silky feather swirling around his feet. One of his best traits, is his sweet willing attitude, just like Nala. New pictures of Shaolin coming soon.

Fantasia's Filly, Mystique, 1 day old, meets Roman

on the morning of April 11, 2008 Fantasia foaled out a gorgeous filly that we named Mystique. August 2009 finds her filling out and busying herself with knowing what everyone is doing. She is mostly black and has loads of hair and feather. She absolutely adores people and will be by your side mooching for attention and treats, from any one in her paddock. New pictures of Mystique coming soon.

Roxie at 11 months old

Our beautiful girl Roxie has been sold and is now living in Missouri, with the Nedblakes, a wonderful family who really loves her. When she turned two, she was put into training for a short while, to begin learning how to drive. We are looking forward to updates and pictures of Roxie.

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About Circle G Ranch

Gypsy Vanner Mare Bakalo, 1 year old, drinking from Point Remove CreekOur farm is situated on 442 acres consisting of woodland, hay fields and pasture. The property has been in the Gordon Family since the Civil War and we are in the process of building a small breeding operation from the old cattle ranch.

It's a lot of work and a slow process but we enjoy working with each of our horses and making improvements to the farm. We expect to keep our breeding program small so that each horse will have the individual attention necessary to make it a valuable addition to some lucky family.

We hope you enjoy meeting our horses and visiting our website. Be sure to check back often for our new pages as they are added. We will be working on new photos and some video to add to our site this fall.